Free Emergency Contact Cards for school children


We are “The Team” at Bowie Financial Inc., Kris Alary, Fred Bowie, Sarah Bowie and Tracy Sun. For over ten years, Fred has sponsored the delivery of over 60,000 Free, durable plastic emergency contact cards as a service to retirees in Eastern Ontario through the website,

This academic year, we made a decision to set aside 1,500 Free Durable Plastic Emergency Contact Cards to benefit school children and their families in Eastern Ontario. We know that most people reading this message may not have children of school age. However, many of you may have great-grandchildren, grandchildren, nieces and nephews attending school that could benefit from an emergency contact card.

Having an emergency card on their person or in the child’s backpack will provide the family with an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

This gift is a courtesy of Bowie Financial Inc and limited to the first 1,500 applicants. It is easy to apply. Visit, complete the form, and your child will have their card within 15 business days.


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