Fox Sparrow’s snowy return

Baldwin’s Birds


Having been gone for a day, the Fox Sparrow, mentioned in my previous ramblings, who had called in on a nice day, actually revisited, despite us having just received a dump of snow! The white snow, of course, showed the Sparrow up very nicely, especially when it took to the Pine trees, whilst it took stock of how it could do some ground feeding, which it did just for a short time, before eventually moving onwards. The rufous red brown colourings showed up very nicely indeed against the whiteness of the snow, which accentuated them even more than usual – super!

Meanwhile our other regular feathered friends busily vied for their various pecking spots on the various feeders that I have provided for them. A Chipmunk even joined them on one snowy day, which was a bit unexpected, but I suppose his internal temperature and barometric weather forecasting devices had cleared him to appear again before  his hibernation time! Much the same could be said to apply to the skeins of Canada and Snow Geese who are presently, it seems, trying to make up their minds as to whether they should actually keep on heading south or settle down around our own local waters for a while. There seems to be quite a bit of doubt on that score especially when you see some of the smaller flights of them going in the other direction, or seemingly veering way off course. I  know that some of them are still enjoying the creek waters at the end of our road and, no doubt, are providing quite a spectacular display for anyone caring to stop and watch them as they splash down graciously into the still unfrozen waters! A vehicle drawing up behind me at the junction reminds me to pay attention to what I am supposed to be doing, and it wasn’t one of them — it was my wife!!  Please be careful and stay safe,


John Baldwin



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