Forecast: Ontario corn, soybean yield record


courtesy of Farmers Forum

The prognosticators with the Great Ontario Yield Tour are projecting record corn and soybean yields in Ontario this year. Based on data collected during the 8th annual Tour, Ontario growers will have an average yield of 203 bu/ac for corn and 53.5 bu/ac for soybeans.

Oxford, Brant, Wentworth, Haldimand-Norfolk and Niagara are projected to lead the Province with a corn yield of 213 bu/ac, but with a lower soybean yield of 51.9 bu/ac. The rest of Southwestern Ontario is projected to yield a corn crop of more than 205 bu/ac and soybeans of 54 bu/ac. Eastern Ontario’s corn yield is predicted to be 197 bu/ac, but the east is projected to lead the Province with a soybean yield of 55.9 bu/ac.

“Overall, everything looks good,” said Bryce Ruppert, Maizex territory manager for Western Ontario’s Southeast. “But we still need a good September,” noting that crop maturity “is a little bit behind.”

OMAFRA soybean specialist Horst Bohner agreed, saying that the start of the soybean harvest is likely to be pushed into October as that crop was 10 to 12 days behind the average as of September 6. Corn, however, was about 25 days behind, he said. Blame it on more overcast days this summer and a cooler than average August. Crop heat units are below average, he said.

Statistics Canada is not as bullish, predicting an Ontario corn yield of 169.7 bu/ac and a soybean yield of 50.5 bu/ac.



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