Nesting in our garden, seems to have  slowed down for the time being, or at least the activity around my various nesting boxes has. The Bluebirds are no longer to-ing and fro-ing although I’m not sure what is happening with the House Wrens, who gave us the impression that they too had finished, but who are still visiting one of my nesting boxes as I write! They don’t appear to be going in with food, so maybe they are thinking of another brood, I’ll just have to wait and see!

Whilst watching what the Wrens are doing, I have been serenaded by the beautiful singing of a Song Sparrow, who is perched on the top of a pine tree, filling the air with its song. It  just loves to sing and doesn’t seem to be afraid of sitting in rather prominent places to do so. Of course my camera’s telephoto lens helps me to see it once I have managed to hone in on the spot it might be singing in, which with the naked eye isn’t quite so easy. A little bit of perseverance pays off when seeking some of our more ardent singers, like the Robins and the Cardinals who also regale us at various times of the day and are equally elusive, as the small birds are, when it comes to wanting to see them and not just listen to them. You’ve probably found that out for yourself already without me mentioning it.

I was able to observe but not capture a rare bit of bird behaviour at our water dish  the other day, as a Grackle took bird seed from a feeder and soaked it in the water before eating it. I have witnessed Crows doing it with bread, in the past, but I hadn’t noticed any other birds doing it for quite a while until this happened. Maybe if you keep a sharp eye out, you too might see the birds do this. I hope so, as it all adds to the joy of seeing the birds doing “their  thing” in their natural  environment without our interference. Enjoy and stay safe and well,


John Baldwin



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