The North Grenville Municipal Council has declared Waste Reduction Week in the Municipality of North Grenville, which runs October 19 – 25, 2020. Waste Reduction Week in Canada is held annually in October to build awareness on the benefits of sustainable practices and green approaches to waste reduction.

This will be the second year North Grenville proclaimed this event.

“We recognize how many residents in North Grenville care about reducing waste, conserving resources and promoting sustainable living,” said Mayor Nancy Peckford. “In fact, North Grenville hosts one of the largest and most successful sustainability fairs in the entire region.”

“With changes to residential waste collection service coming to North Grenville, this is a good opportunity for residents to learn more about the benefits of waste reduction,” added Councillor Kristin Strackerjan.

Throughout the week, the Municipality will convey tips and messages through its social media channels on ways to reduce the amount of waste as well as ways to reuse items. A variety of themes will be addressed including circular economy, textiles, e-waste, plastics, food waste and swap and repair.

For more information visit, and follow the Municipality’s social media channels for daily tips to reduce, reuse and recycle.


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