A draft of the Kemptville Campus Master Plan has been released for public review. The draft was prepared following extensive public and stakeholder consultation earlier this year, and careful review over the summer by Campus staff, Board members and Campus Advisory Committee. The Plan is available on the Campus website at www.kemptvillecampus.ca/regen.

The document is the first Campus-wide master plan prepared for the Kemptville Campus Education and Community Centre (KCECC) and provides a vision, guidelines, and direction for the future development of the Campus.

The Master Plan will guide decision-making primarily related to buildings, land use, open space, natural areas, transportation, and infrastructure. It will also have a significant influence on the operations of the Campus and the experience of users and visitors.

“We are so appreciative for our current education and Campus partners, as well as stakeholders who care deeply about the fate of Kemptville Campus,” stated Mayor and Board Chair Nancy Peckford. “We now look forward to hearing from the community on their response to the draft Master plan.”

“The Draft Plan was developed through an extensive engagement program between February and May of 2020, and included the participation of over 300 stakeholders and members of the public,” said Project Lead Paul Hicks, of Re:Public Urbanism. “Before we incorporate the feedback received to-date, the Draft Plan is being provided to the public for review and comment before being finalized.”

The plan will be a primary tool for fulfilling the mandate of the Campus organization and is intended to provide a 10-year planning horizon, with some longer-term considerations.

“There is no doubt that the Master Plan will act as a blueprint for Campus’ future going forward,” added Deputy Mayor and Board member Jim McManaman. “We thank the members of the Kemptville Campus Advisory Committee who also stepped up to provide focused input and feedback.”

Copies of the Draft Master Plan are available at the North Grenville Municipal office. As well, the Plan may be downloaded from the Campus website until November 16, 2020. The public is encouraged to provide feedback via the online comment form. https://www.kemptvillecampus.ca/regen


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