Parks Canada’s project to repair the historic Burritts Rapids Swing Bridge is progressing well. The bridge was partially disassembled and moved to a shop in Merrickville for repairs. As part of these repairs the steel components will be sandblasted, reshaped, and repainted. Similarly, repairs will also be done on the mechanical components of the bridge. It is currently anticipated that these repairs will be complete and that the bridge will be ready to return to Burritts Rapids at the end of April.

Repairs on the historic masonry that forms the bridge abutments are also underway. This work includes removing and replacing old mortar and repairing damaged stones.
As frost comes out of the ground the temporary parking area on the southern shoreline has become quite muddy. Parks Canada has asked that the contractor lay down some gravel in this area to help mitigate the mud.

While the project is on track to be completed in the Spring of 2018, a precise date for the re-opening of the bridge is not yet available. Parks Canada will provide a more precise estimate as it becomes available.

At this time it is anticipated that the re-opening will occur after the start of the Rideau Canal navigation season. This will mean that the temporary pedestrian crossing will need to be removed prior to the completion of bridge repairs. Parks Canada is working with the contractor to ensure that this inconvenience is kept as short as possible. Discussions are underway with Student Transportation of Eastern Ontario buses to see what alternatives may be available. Further information in this regard will follow in advance of the removal of the temporary crossing.

Parks Canada would like to thank the Burritts Rapids community for their patience and understanding as we complete these important repairs.

Through investments in infrastructure, Parks Canada is protecting and preserving our treasured places, while supporting local economies, contributing to growth in the tourism sector, and enhancing the charm and attractiveness of Canada’s heritage sites.
For up-to-date news on Parks Canada infrastructure work in this community, please visit For questions or concerns, or to receive updates regarding these projects, please contact us at and include “Burritts Rapids” in the subject heading.


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