by John Baldwin

Hopefully the hot, muggy weather is not being too limiting for you, and not interfering with your outdoor activities and nature discoveries. Earlier this week, I got to see the young Ospreys in Merrickville before they took to flight. I thought that they were about due to do that and was caught a little by surprise, when they did. The way they took off, though, I’ve a feeling that they had already flown previously, before that day. Be that as it may, I got to see them for myself, before they had to find their own territory to hunt in. The one bird returned to the nest after its flight and stood preening itself for a long time, before going off again. The pair of them flew down from their lofty home, and sat in a riverside tree, hidden from view, only giving their presence away when they called to each other.

That didn’t happen for very long, before one of a pair of dogs, being walked by their owners, decided to see where they were and jumped into the water! The splashing of the swimming dog and the frantic yells of the owners to the dog, sent the young Ospreys up, up and away! My Osprey watching day was over and my two canoeing friends confirmed, the next day, that there was no sign of them, when they, themselves, went out to enjoy a paddle on the water.

So, as with many of our nesting birds, the season is slowly coming to a close; but don’t give up, there are always things to be seen, whatever the time of year. Our garden and window feeders are still being used when the parent birds bring their young families to show them where some food is usually available. We have a family of four Red Breasted Nuthatches visiting us at the moment, but I missed the picture of all four of them feeding on the same Peanut feeder, drat! The Hummingbirds, too, are making a few more appearances than they have up until now.

Enjoy your outdoor days and stay safe and well,

John Baldwin


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