Nature – Preying for us!

Not a bird this week. On going out to my garage, this damp cool morning, I came upon this lovely “Preying Mantis”, by the door. I was able to coax it onto my hand and called my wife to bring my camera, for me, to take these shots. It wasn’t until I later looked at them, that I noticed that one of its antennae was missing and there was some damage to one of its forelegs. By this time, not having noticed the damage, I had put it back onto a green stem and it disappeared, hopefully to a safe place away from the birds. I am praying that it is still well enough to continue its own “preying”!

Hopefully all your readers are keeping in good health and will continue to do so, during these strange and worrying times. Maybe this beautiful creature will overcome its difficulties too and keep on “preying” for us!

Best wishes to all,
John Baldwin


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