It’s been a tough couple of weeks heading up to this Canada Day. Lots of terrible news of late that’s likely got a lot of people upset.

I got a call from a woman who was complaining about the memorial for the Indigenous children who were found buried at Kamloops in unmarked graves.

She was disturbed by the memorial that was placed at St. Daniel’s church in South Mountain and wanted, what she called “garbage” removed.

Yah, we all know the Pope has refused to apologize for the atrocities that occurred at these Indian Residential Schools- but people still have a right to mourn, grieve, and express their remorse, despite what this person thinks.

In fact, things are changing in Canada as more information comes out to the masses. New immigrants are asked to swear an oath to Canada that now includes the following statement, “..and that I will faithfully observe the laws of Canada, including the Constitution, which recognizes and affirms the Aboriginal and treaty rights of First Nations.”

Maybe an affirmation of citizenship for all people who are already Canadians wouldn’t be such a bad idea.


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