Auntie Anabel


Back in the beginning of March, Canada Post had a fire on one of their mail trucks in Smith Falls.  Lately, as I shuffled out to my mailbox in my fuzzy slippers, still overwhelmed by the fact that I get home mail delivery, I was surprised to find a bunch of crumpled up bills that look as if they were water logged.  I usually crumple up my bills after I get them, but it seems Canada Post beat me to it. I have to admit I sniffed them, just because I am a crazy lady.  I wanted to see if there was a slight hint of smoke, thinking these letters may have been salvaged from that truck fire.  Aaah, if it was only cheques and not overdue bills from March.  So, now it seems I am a bit late on some of my accounts. Oh dear!

Canada Post, you are incredible.  Flood and fires don’t seem to stop you from getting the mail through.  Be proud. The next time customers walk up to your wicket, greet them with a great big smile and a friendly hello, because you my dears are amazing.  Remember it everyday.

Love Auntie Anabel


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