This past week was Arbour Week in Ontario. The locally based Hydro One line crew that gets called on to do tree removal from around hydro wires (amongst other jobs) were at local schools to do both an educational seminar about their work and the importance of trees, and also to demonstrate the tools of their trade.

On Thursday, May 4, the crew visited one of the local schools on their list, Holy Cross Catholic School in Kemptville. The session started off in the school gym with a slide presentation and a display of some of the harness equipment, chainsaws and hydraulic tools that the crew uses to trim trees. It was an enthusiastic group of kids who had lots of questions and answers when called upon.

Next, everyone headed outside for a tree planting at the front of the school. The kids got to see what soil ingredients are ideal for tree planting and the process involved in making sure that the tree’s roots grow strong and that the tree grows straight. The group planted a special hybrid maple tree.

What the kids really wanted was to see the hydraulic bucket truck in action. Though they weren’t allowed to ride in the bucket (and there were many shouted requests), they got to see local resident and crew member Scott Steadman “ride the sky” up to almost 60 feet in the air.

The crew was headed to South Branch Elementary the following day but the weather was probably going to prevent the popular outdoor demo portion of the program from happening.


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