Early 20th century metal artifacts found in a North Grenville garden.

by Michael Whittaker

If archaeology is the study of human activity through the recovery and study of artefacts, then most of us are archaeologists more by chance than intent.

When walking a beach, digging a garden, or hiking a trail, found objects pique our interest. Some are soon discarded, and others earn a home with the finder.

Your personal treasures are of interest to the Rideau Valley Archaeological Society. RVAS wants to put some on display to promote our local history. Artifacts from further afield are also important.

Among items RVAS members have acquired are musket balls and bale seals, knives, axe heads, bottles, bowls, even lead-alloy toothpaste tubes. Items RVAS selects for display will be labelled to identify the artefact and the general location of the find. Labels may read: Horseshoe Nails. 19th Century. Bishop’s Mills, ON or Iroquoian Pottery Sherds. 16th Century. Augusta Township.

A loan agreement will confirm all objects will be returned to donors. If you want to lend items, please contact RVAS President Michael Whittaker, 613-258-0477, or [email protected].

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