by Michael Whittaker

The Accidental Archaeology exhibit by the Rideau Valley Archaeological Society is again open to the visitors at the Merrickville Public Library. Every object of curiosity found has a story to tell.

A chert point, a bayonet, knives, axes, spoons, bottles, musket balls, horseshoes, and more are labeled in the display case. This is an opportunity to imagine our history through relics from many thousand years ago to the early 20th century.

By chance more than intent, many of us are archaeologists because archaeology is the study of human activity through the recovery and study artefacts. Items on display were discovered in gardens, on beaches, in plowed field, and along paths. Members have lent artefacts primarily found locally, as are a few from Prince Edward Island and Frontenac County.

The Rideau Valley Archaeological Society reminds visitors to wear masks and observe social distancing. Monthly meetings are likely to resume at the end of summer. Please visit the society’s Facebook page. Inquiries and comments may be sent to [email protected].


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