A selfless act of generosity and kindness


A local resident got very lucky at the 73s Alumni game on November 18, and thanks to her charitable spirit, she isn’t the only one who’s in luck. Cassidy (Cassie) Redmond won about $500 from a 50/50 draw at the Alumni game against the Senators Alumni team, and rather than splurge on herself, she paid it forward in the best way possible – by purchasing toys for kids in need. 

After the game, Cassie set off with her brother Owen to fill two grocery carts with toys for the 73s Toy Drive. The toys will ultimately be donated to Toy Mountain, which provides free gifts for parents who would otherwise not be able to put anything under the tree for their kids. 

“The person who taught me to be so generous was definitely my grandfather,” Cassie told the Times. “He always told me that what you do always has a way of coming back to you.”

Cassie says that she is already in the Christmas spirit, and that what helped solidify her generous decision was a simple worry that some kids may not get to experience Christmas the way she has always known it. “I love waking up to all my gifts with my family so I feel as though every kid should get that opportunity,” Cassie added. “I have never done anything like this before, it was definitely my mom who influenced me to do this act of kindness.”

Cassie and Owen with their carts full of toys, which were donated to Toy Mountain via the Kemptville 73s Toy Drive.

Of course, Cassie didn’t act alone. Owen deserves credit too, and Cassie added in words of appreciation for him. “My brother and I are close, he is someone I look up to all the time,” she said. “He helps me with everything I do, I am so grateful he helped me get the toys.”

Cassie’s advice to others who may want to help those in need is that it doesn’t always have to be about money. “What I did was money, but you don’t always need money to help those less fortunate or to spread Christmas cheer,” said Cassie. “You can just be kind, open the door for others, and just overall be there for others.” She added in a word of thanks for the 73s as well: “I just would like to thank the Kemptville 73’s for everything they do for this community.”

The social media user who first brought the story to light shared his own words of appreciation, saying “I am so impressed with this young lady’s kindness and generosity that I just had to share this story.” 

We’re impressed, too! Way to go, and Merry Christmas!


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