Too little too late...Ty Whyte trying to climb out of a surmountable hole during Sunday matinee with Hawkesbury Hawkes; only to be stymied for a 6 to 3 sweep.

by G.J. the sportsguy 

Kemptville faced off with the Cornwall Colts in their final Thanksgiving Showdown challenge on Tuesday at 10:30 am start, only to be corralled after the stampede with a 7 to 2 runaway.

Cornwall struck first to open the period with Adam Walker from Speck-Meek and Miron to place it behind Jacob Biron at 2:49. The Colts with extra man as Speck-Meek and Walker found Nathan Garnier PPG to make it two zip at 14:24. Kemptville on PP when Fennell combined with Logue for Ty Whyte PPG to beat Donald Hickey at 19:23.

Tyler Melvin with a solo attack at 12:46 to even the odds for Kemptville in the second. Cornwall broke the tie when Montroy with Miron set up Etienne Lessard at 18:54 to initiate the stampede. The last second of the twenty for Cornwall to insert their insurance from Fernand-Olivier Perron with helpers by Speck-Meek and Morris at 19:59.

The round-up continued in the final twenty miler as Fernand-Olivier Perron assisted from Montroy and Garnier for the third unanswered goal at 1:34 with the rest of the frame being the Fernand-Olivier Perron exhibition. Fernand-Olivier with a lone effort chased the 73’s stopper to an early shower after his “hattie” at 2:46. Pyke with Walker gave Fernand-Olivier Perron post his fourth marker through Braxton Bennett at 9:08 to take a 7 to 2 lead and win.

Cornwall overrode their opponents by 37 to 29 and 2/3 PP to 1/4 PP.

Kemptville motored into Brockville to meet the Braves for a Friday evening battle that proved fruitless as they were shutout by 4 to 0.

Both teams played a methodical game in the initial two frames looking for ways to capitalize on the others’ mistakes without success as the stoppers held their ground to remain scoreless.

Brockville found the holes in the final twenty and how to push the buttons for infractions that run up four unanswered attacks. Marcus Mori from Watson put it past Jacob Biron at 1:37. PPG from Owen Warson with helpers from Barrett and Power at 5:47. SHG from Power to Lucas Culhane at 14:15. Liam Reid assisted from Girard with Watson at 15:14 to hand the Braves a 4 to 0 victory.

PK for Kemptville were stellar to hold off Brockville from running up the numbers.

Close SOG as Kemptville with 26 to Brockville 25 and 0/4 PP to 1/8 PP.

Back home to deal with the Hawkesbury Hawks for a Sunday matinee who were seeking redemption from their last visit that experienced 6 to 2 lose to take this one by 6 to 3 win.

Remi Gagne put it by Jacob Biron to open the initial frame for Hawkesbury at 4:00. A breakdown in assignment coverage awarded Remoi Gagne SHG from Taylor and Fournier for his second to pull ahead by two zip at 17:49.

Hawkesbury on PP with Bandu connected with Remi Gagne PPG at 7:08 to begin the second stanza and his “hattie’ of the day. Sweetapple up the half wall to O’Doherty, slipped to Ty Whyte on route to hammer it home top shelf over Caleb Chabot to put Kemptville on the board at 8:03. Game winner for the Hawks with Billequey assisting Alexis Minville to dig a deeper hole for Kemptville at 13:37. Insurance for Hawkesbury from Aleksy Bandu with helpers from Beaulieu and Stubbings 17:49 for a 4 goal lead.

Final twenty as Haughian held the line down low for Whyte to sweep it to Grady Logue in the circle to find the back of the net at 0:23. Alexis Minville with Billequey and Gagne for his second of the game at 12:33 to give Hawkesbury 6 to 2 advantage. Fennell controlled the zone on PP to Logue onto Ty Whyte’s PPG tape to pull the trigger at 19:35 for his second and handed Hawkesbury a 6 to 3 win.

Kemptville outgunned Hawkesbury 43 to 35 with 1/8 PP to 1/5 PP.

Kemptville 73’s host the Carleton Place Canadians for an evening excursion on Friday, October 20.

Hockey with EDGE…see you around the boards.


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