A major donation to the KDH CT Scanner Campaign


Local Farmer, Peter Van Adrichem, has donated $10,000 to the Kemptville District Hospital CT Scanner Campaign and is encouraging others to give generously. 

Just before Christmas, and over a cup of tea, donor Peter Van Adrichem explained the many reasons why he donated $10K to the CT Scanner Crossroads Campaign. 

“I thought about the fact that we are all getting older and have different health concerns. I know a year ago, I had kidney stones and was taken to Ottawa for a CT Scan where there were long line ups. It would be great to have a CT Scanner here, at KDH.”

He added, “And the area is growing so much! The CT Scanner will provide more patient services locally. It is a lot easier if a CT is here in town instead of needing to commute to an Ottawa hospital.” 

Peter shared that his sister, Anna, donates a lot of volunteer time to the North Grenville community. ”I want to do my bit, so I decided to donate to the CT Scanner Campaign.” 

The Foundation is thrilled with his generous donation. Peter also threw down the gauntlet. “I am a local farmer and I want to challenge others – builders and developers – to step up and donate to the CT Scanner Campaign. They need to support this for the sake of the community.”

Along with his partner, Geraldine Taylor, Adrichem is very grateful to have KDH in Kemptville. 

Geraldine recalled an accident she had on her property when she fell and ripped open her knee. It was bleeding profusely, and she found out later that she had also damaged nerves. Peter bundled her into the car and, within minutes, brought her to the ER at KDH. She emphasized that the urgent care she received made a difference in her recovery.

She also remembered the important role of KDH during the Great Ice Storm of January, 1998. The hospital was a warm oasis with its generators running, and staff and volunteers making and distributing meals. The community was encouraged to come to the hospital for hot food or just a break from the cold. Some stayed longer and bedded down, especially if they required hydro for medical purposes.

“It is an amazing community, which has always impressed me”, said Geraldine. “People just rise to the challenge. During the Ice Storm, some of us were without hydro for weeks. Peter’s family farm in South Mountain had a hydro outage for 19 days! But, you know, despite the bitter cold, the ice and the hardships, the community got closer.” 

This community has an urgent need for a CT Scanner at KDH. This diagnostic tool will save the long return commute to the Digital Imaging departments in Ottawa hospitals which are already in high demand. It will attract new physicians who expect a CT Scanner to confirm diagnosis and check the progress of medical treatment. Importantly, it will improve the patient and family experience when a loved one requires a CT Scan.

Every donation to the Kemptville District Hospital (KDH) Foundation Crossroads CT Scanner Campaign brings us closer to improving the patient experience at KDH with better patient care, faster care, closer to home care and ultimately, helping the Foundation reach its goal of $2.2 million. 

For more information, stories, and events about the Crossroads CT Scanner Campaign, including how you can donate, see: The Crossroads Campaign (kdhfoundation.ca).



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