Your Land, Your Legacy: consider donating land to South Nation Conservation


by South Nation Conservation

Do you own idle land, and are passionate about the local environment or forest cover? Have you ever thought about what kind of legacy you want to leave for your family, community, or future generations?

South Nation Conservation (SNC) is calling on residents from across its watershed jurisdiction in Eastern Ontario to consider donating land through its Land Securement Program as a way of solidifying their natural heritage legacies.

As a member of the Ontario Land Trust Alliance, SNC is also approved to accept donations of land through Canada’s Ecological Gifts Program, which can provide significant financial benefits to donors.

SNC receives over 50 acres of land through donation each year, adding to the nearly 13,000 acres of Community Land owned and managed by the Conservation Authority. It uses donated lands to protect natural features and forest cover, ensure healthy and safe waterways, and provide public recreational areas.

Several of SNC’s popular public Conservation Areas have been donated to the Authority, some of which host local youth for environmental education and day-camps, and welcome thousands of visitors every year.

This year, the Augusta Township donated a piece of surplus land to SNC along the South Nation River on McCrea Road, and thanks to federal funding support, it is currently being transformed into a day-use public Conservation Area with river access.

Donors however can choose the legacy that they wish to leave: SNC manages these conservation lands in perpetuity, and donors decide how their lands are to be managed. Donating land to SNC also means it cannot be sold or severed for profit by the Authority.

“We pride ourselves on acquiring land donations to help conserve our local natural resources, and managing them effectively to help ensure sustainable and healthy forests for communities and future generations,” explains Pat Piitz, SNC’s Properties Lead.

In addition to environmental and social benefits, ecological land donations can also provide economic benefits to the donor through tax incentives; in the case of easements, title is maintained by the owners. “The gift of ecologically significant land is the gift that keeps on giving,” added Pat Piitz. “You can count on us to make a difference and carry your legacy.”

Residents interested in donating land to SNC can visit for more information, or contact Pat Piitz at [email protected], 1-877-984-2948.


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