Waste reduction week in North Grenville


North Grenville council has proclaimed October 19 to 25 as Waste Reduction Week in the municipality. The is the second time that council has made this proclamation, with the goal of educating the community about the benefits of sustainable practices and green approaches to waste reduction. “We need to take the lead in our community towards environmental sustainability by recognizing that the generation of solid waste, and the needless waste of resources, are global environmental problems,” Director of Public Works, Karen Dunlop, said at the meeting.

Over the course of the week, the municipality will convey messages over social media on ways to reduce the amount of waste we produce, as well as how to reuse items. Topics will include the circular economy, textiles, E-waste, plastics, food waste, and swap and repair. “It’s the awareness,” Director Dunlop said. “It highlights waste reduction and what it means when we just throw things out.”

The municipality will also be using this opportunity to start educating the public about the new waste management program which will be rolled out this Fall. The new program will include weekly organics and recycling pickup, bi-weekly garbage pickup, as well as set yard waste and bulky items collection. Information about this new program will be spread through social media, as well as by a door-to-door drop off. A report outlining more about their new contract with Emterra Environmental, and the possible bag tag increase, will be brought to council at the October 20 meeting.

“Obviously, the timing is fortuitous,” Mayor Peckford said, referring to Waste Reduction Week. “Given that we are gearing up for a new waste management contract with significant changes to come in the months ahead.”


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