Councillor Doreen O’Sullivan, Mayor nancy Peckford, and Councillor John Barclay (front), and Deputy Mayor Jim McManaman and Councillor Kristen Strackerjan (back) wishing everyone a Happy Van Turken Day.

North Grenville Council and staff appeared in unusual garb last weekend as they celebrated VanTurken Day at Curry Park. With great bravery, Council risked references to turkeys as they joined in with the spirit of the day: fun, silliness, and a respond to the return of wintery conditions on the day.

Tammy Hurlburt on Van Turken Day

In 2020, the North Grenville Municipal Council proclaimed the second Saturday of February as Van Turken Day in North Grenville, to celebrate how the rogue bird brought the community together when he appeared on Van Buren Street before he made his way to the busy thoroughfare of County Road 43, making a visit to the Municipal Centre, as well as many local businesses.


The fun really started when a municipal employee found themselves running for cover as Van Turken chased them around the Municipal Centre parking lot. The video can be found on treh municipality’s Facebook page. Worth a giggle. Run, Emily, run!


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