Update on infrastructure project in Merrickville


The Village of Merrickville-Wolford received an update on the progress of the Drummond Street West, Lewis Street West and St Patrick Street rehabilitation project at the council meeting of October 9, 2018.

The work is being overseen by Jp2g Consultants Inc., and is almost entirely funded by a $1.9 million grant from the Ontario government that the municipality received earlier this year. The grant is part of the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund, meant to help municipalities finance necessary repairs and upgrades to their infrastructure, which is becoming a serious problem in many cities and towns in the province.

Jp2g is in the process of conducting all the preliminary work needed to create a plan for construction. A topographical survey has been completed, as well as a geotechnical investigation to confirm soil type and rock depth. Recommended improvements are being developed for the underground services based on condition and/or capacity deficiencies, and for servicing extensions to areas within the project limits that are not currently serviced. Costs are also being developed for the recommended improvements to the underground services as well as cost for road reinstatement and improvements.

The design will continue to be developed by Jp2g over the next three months, with tenders for construction going out in February, 2019. Construction is estimated to begin in May of 2019, and completed by November, 2019. Funding received from the Provincial and Federal government for this project is contingent on the work being finished by December, 2019.

A public information session is being tentatively scheduled for late November to provide residents with information on the project and obtain feedback prior to the development of the detailed design construction documents. There are a few property owners who will be affected by the project, as they will be expected to tie into the expanded water/sewer system. Deputy Mayor Anne Barr asked CAO Doug Robertson to make sure they keep those property owners informed of the progress.

This rehabilitation/expansion project plays a part in the municipality’s goal to expand the water/sewer system to include more rate payers and, hopefully, reduce costs for villagers. More information about how many new properties will be added to the system will be available at the November information session.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to Project Manager, Barbra Kimmerle at Jp2g Consultants at 613-828-7800m, or emailed to merrickville@jp2g.com.


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