The Street Piano Project strikes a chord in Kemptville


by Jayne Couch Molony

In Old Town Kemptville, the Street Piano provides an artistic tone of melody to the streets. This joyful gift to the community is spearheaded by Lisa Poushinsky. The Street Piano Concert Series has emerged as a testament to the power of collective support and creative resilience. Supported by the Arts & Culture Development Fund, along with the NG Community Grant, and bolstered by invaluable partnerships with the local Library and the esteemed Kemptville Folk Club, the Street Piano Project stands as a beacon of cultural enrichment in our community spirit. 

The genesis of this endeavour can be traced back to the challenging times of the pandemic. Inspired by a desire to infuse hope and togetherness into the fabric of daily life, Lisa envisioned a project that would transcend barriers and uplift spirits. Thus, the Street Piano Project, a symphony of collaboration and inclusivity. Central to the project’s ethos is the notion of accessibility. Recognizing the transformative power of music to unite people of all ages and backgrounds, Lisa curated a series of afternoon family-friendly outdoor concerts, ensuring that the melodies resonate, not only through the air, but also within the hearts of the entire community. 

The project’s impact extends far beyond the confines of its musical performances. It serves as a catalyst for connection, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among residents and visitors alike. 

Whether as passerby pausing to listen, or a group of friends gathering to revel in the tapestry of Kemptville life, the Kemptville Piano brings the sounds of laughter and music to the library on Saturdays 

“Stay tuned, year three here we come!”


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