The cadillac of hospital beds


Studies show that we spend about one third of our life in bed. And when we are in the hospital, it can be even more. The team at Winchester District Memorial Hospital [WDMH] works hard to keep patients mobile, but if they need to stay in bed, we have specialized ones to provide the very best care. Because of our generous donors, our Complex Continuing Care Unit has three new beds with the latest technology to help care for our patients who have complex health care needs.

“The new beds have many special features that are very beneficial for our patients and help make it easier for us to care for them,” notes Team Leader Sean Burnett. “Thank you to the generous donors who helped provide this specialized equipment.”

The new beds have a built-in scale to monitor a patient’s weight changes. They have an alarm to alert nurses if a patient, who is at risk of falling, is getting out of bed. The improved bedrails have multiple positions that can be adjusted depending on where and how a patient prefers to sit on the side of the bed. The mattresses have special pressure-relieving foam in high pressure areas to reduce the possibility of bedsores. And the beds come with a frame/mattress extension, making them more comfortable for taller patients.

“This essential equipment purchase was only possible because of our donors and their care for the patients that we serve at WDMH,” notes Kristen Casselman, Managing Director of the Foundation. “Many people do not realize that the provincial government does not fund medical equipment for hospitals, so we are so grateful for the support of our donors.”

The cost of the three beds was $34,724.12.


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