My name is Jean Knapp and I’m a brand new 100 year old individual, and I have been celebrating my birthday in October. There have been unbelievable and overwhelming events for me to behold.

Bayfield Manor, where I live, has played a large part, and a very secretive part, for me, with the arrival of those prized black team of horses, plus a carriage in red to match with style. But that’s not all! A kind and entertaining gentleman accompanied me in the carriage on the tour through the town and beyond. Seeing and speaking with so many along the way, in the town I love so much, was a real joy. While I was touring, the staff and residents were gathering in the lounge with more wishes and a cake to be enjoyed. The candle blowing nearly “did me in”.

On Saturday, a very large red machine came over a rise in the road, followed by a drive-by of vehicles, with many good wishes, and later, a family dinner was served. My family, bless them, knew all about the upcoming events and were with me all the way.

Now you can understand why I wish to offer a sincere and genuine thank you to all who participated in many ways in our cool fall climate.

All the memories will be tucked in my memory bank, as long as the Good Lord will allow.

As always


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