The red pickup truck that was allegedly involved in a hit and run accident in Kemptville on February 5 is shown being impounded on February 6. OPP photo.

An alleged hit and run incident involving a pickup truck and a pedestrian in Kemptville last week has led to an arrest. The accident occurred around 4 pm on February 5 in the Colonnade Plaza. The Ontario Provincial Police quickly released a statement confirming that a 62 year old man was hit by a red Chevrolet pick-up truck while trying to cross Colonnade Road between the TD Bank and Capital Orthodontics. The red pickup truck then continued driving and turned east on County Road 43 toward Winchester. 

The OPP statement reported that the victim was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The day of the incident, police were asking for help from the public in identifying or locating the alleged perpetrator of the hit and run. Police statements noted that the red pickup truck believed to be involved had “distinct headlights”. 

The next day, on February 6, the OPP gave the welcome news that the driver of the vehicle had been arrested and charged with dangerous operation causing bodily harm and failure to stop after an accident. The police thanked the public for their assistance.

A conviction of dangerous operation causing bodily harm carries a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison if tried as an indictable offence, as well as a mandatory minimum fine of $1,000 for a first offence. If tried as a summary offence, there is still a potential for up to 2 years less a day in provincial jail, and the minimum $1,000 fine still applies. The charge of failure to stop after an accident can add an additional 10 years of prison time upon conviction. It should be noted that maximum sentences are seldom given in the Canadian court system. 

Upon the arrest of the driver in the February 5 incident, the pickup truck was impounded. OPP Officer Ann Collins confirmed that this step is part of the investigation, since the pickup truck itself is evidence in the case. She also confirmed that the information that led to the suspect being tracked down was “deduced after speaking with the public”.

Police were unable to provide an update on the well-being of the victim, though it has been confirmed that the injuries sustained were not life threatening. 

Anyone with additional information that could aid in the police investigation of this hit and run incident should contact the OPP at 1 888 310-1122. 


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