Surmounting COVID – food for thought


by Peter S. Milsom, President, Kemptville Navy League

Volunteering has fallen off for most charitable organizations over recent years, but is again markedly on the rise. One positive effect of the COVID experience has been the reassessment by both individuals and families – long constrained within the severely restricted, non-inclusive character of the “bubble” – of the value and pleasure of external and community involvements that they have dearly missed. After all, one can only take so much “reality” TV when one’s own reality is so unreal.

Re-prioritization of individual and family interactions, experiences, and activities is happening because the cocoon-like COVID experience just didn’t cut it – the pleasure and sense of accomplishment in collaborative activities with others whose interests and company you enjoy – be they restaurants, kids’ hockey games, get-togethers, sharing a meal – were denied. For families and for people who treasure and respect the development and mentoring of young people, enough with reality TV – this is a time to re-invest in the volunteer activities that have real impact and meaning.

What can you spend a few volunteer hours a month doing that has a greater, almost magical “return on the investment of time and effort”, than helping our wonderful young people learn personal discipline and self-confidence; grow new sports, coping and life skills; participate in, and then lead, teams; accomplish personal goals; acquire a sense of purpose, and an informed and experienced understanding of the true value of citizenship within a community? And, from personal experience, seeing your parent there at the game, or the activity, or in direct, active support, is the best motivator, reinforcement, and endorsement for a young person! Therein lies the magic!

We have a recommendation for you to achieve all of these objectives: Join us! Take the personal leap into the most rewarding of personal giving!

Kemptville Branch, The Navy League of Canada
Serving the needs and best interests of boys and girls 9 – 18 years, and of the officers, instructors, volunteers, families, and the community of North Grenville!
(Information: 613 215-0705)


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