Stop your whining


by Mz. Penny

I woke up in a foul mood this morning, where a cloud just hung over my head. Listening to world wide news and what’s going on in the US is pretty discouraging and, frankly, depressing. It seems we don’t learn from history and just keep making the same huge mistakes. Just look at Ukraine and Israel right now.

Yesterday, I saw a video where a reporter was interviewing Trump supporters, and it just left me gobsmacked. I am not sure what world they live in, but even if it is something their own leader spouts, they call it fake news, and claim that he never said that.

So this brings me back to my not so sleepy North Grenville where I chose to live 30 years ago. And I feel blessed to live here and know so many amazing people. There is always so much going on, and usually due to the volunteers who make it happen. Buskerfest run by BIA, Canada Day put on by KDCA, the Christmas Parade put on in part by the Rotary Club, and there is a long list of these groups who selflessly volunteer because they truly believe in our community.

And now we’ve come to a time where volunteers are harder and harder to find. All the groups that I mentioned before and more are struggling to keep these events going. At this point, I am not sure what is happening to the Kemptville District Community Association with very few volunteers stepping up. No wonder, I would think many are afraid to step into their shoes at this point.

This year there was one Christian float in the Christmas parade, compared to years ago when almost every church participated. Churches have been under attack and seem to be afraid to be too visible. Have they done this to themselves? With their anti-gay (2SLGBTQIA+) policies? Many of them have finally seen the light and have changed their views, but these are individual churches, where even from within there still remain differences of opinion on these matters.

But I ask you: what does Christmas mean, and why have a parade at all? The meaning of Christmas to many of us still means that Jesus Christ was born and our forefathers/mothers chose that day to celebrate his birth. Perhaps we need to change the meaning and wording for Christmas. Let us Christians continue to celebrate it and call it Christmas, rather than Xmas in fear of upsetting someone. Get your own holiday and name it something else. And all you Xmas people choose another day to celebrate. Celebrate what? Probably the meaning of Family and Friends.

One more comment before I close my rant, for those of you who complain about any event that is put on by volunteers and supported by the many LOCAL BUSINESSES: instead of posting what we think is wrong about it on social media, why not step up to the plate and ask questions in order to understand why the festival is run the way it is? Let’s have less talk and get out there, volunteer and work together for the common good of this community. We are suffering due to the lack of volunteers right now, so instead of griping or criticizing, let’s help to find a solution. And when we can’t get our way, instead of walking away, let’s sit down with whomever is concerned and discuss how we feel like civilized persons, rather than refusing to talk face to face and just posting easy but hurtful comments on social media. It might make us feel good at the time, but it hurts us too in the long run.


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