The NG Times Newspaper

by Peter Matthew

On October 15, 2018, the Grenville Gremlins Square Dance Club were honored to be able to present the Trillium Long Service Award to Preston and Muriel Gilmer. They are the first member’s of the club ever to be presented with such an award. This award is both Provincial and National.

Preston and Muriel started dancing in 1975 as basic dancers and advanced to plus level shortly after. They became President couple in 1984 and, from that time till 2010, held numerous executive positions with the club. Preston and Muriel are both very talented musically, so they formed their own square dance band, called the Hillbilly Band. It had six other Gremlin members in it and they would travel to other square dance clubs and entertain the dancers. Whenever there was a chance to dress up at their club for Halloween or Christmas, they were always there with their costume having a great time.

They also started the Apple Fest, which they organized in the 90’s as a fund raiser for the club. Dancers from all over would attend this event, which lasted for many years. During their dancing years, Preston and Muriel attended many Canadian National Square Dance Conventions in Ontario and the Maritimes, representing our club. They are also members of the Riverside Gypsys, which is a travelling travel trailer club, where they provide the musical entertainment.

Preston and Muriel are still very active dancers in the Grenville Gremlin’s family and are the first to offer to assist any new dancer looking for a dance partner. In 2016, Preston and Muriel were presented with a lifetime membership to the Grenville Gremlins for their dedication and helpfulness to the club. Every week, they bring their positive attitude, along with their wonderful personality to the club.

This is an award well deserved.


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