Six years and counting!


Six years seems like a long time, especially after COVID, the lockdowns, frustrations and isolation impacted us all. Many businesses struggled through and, I am happy to report, survived. Our local businesses had to keep pivoting and re-inventing themselves to keep up with Government rules.

One of our local small businesses, Get Cronk’d, made it through with sheer grit and pure determination! Even during the worst of it, they kept paying their staff, at a high cost to them. It has not been easy, but last week they were finally able to celebrate 6 years in business. They missed their 5-year mark due to lockdowns and were determined to have it this year.

Not only did they celebrate, but also had a special Honourary Lifetime member plaque for Rebecca Cronk’s mentor and friend Shawn McDonald who passed away during COVID. Shawn was well known for his kindness and friendship within the Get Cronk’d fitness community. He was a long-time client, mentor, and dear friend. 

Shawn’s wife Tracy McDonald was there to unveil the award. Thank you, Shawn, for the footprint you left behind and for being so encouraging and supportive of Rebecca. Your resilience and perseverance was and continues to be an inspiration to us all.

Congratulations to Rebecca and the Get Cronk’d team, wish you all the best as you push forward into your 7th year. Congratulations and job well done!



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