School Bus Safety Reminder


from the OPP

In Grenville County, numerous children do their part to ride safely to school on buses every day. The Grenville County Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) would like to encourage motorists to also do their part when it comes to school bus safety. It is not uncommon for the OPP to get reports of motorists not stopping for school buses once they have activated their flashing lights. Drivers who don’t stop, or attempt to drive around school buses, after their stop lights and signs are activated, are risking the lives of others. Additionally, drivers who fail to stop, may be charged accordingly.

Here are some simple tips about what drivers should do when approaching a school bus that is preparing to stop:

When you are approaching the school bus from the opposite direction, stop at a safe distance away from the front of the bus.
When you are approaching the school bus from behind, stop at least 20 metres away from the back of the bus.
Once the red lights have stopped flashing, the STOP arm folds away and the bus begins to move, it is safe to continue driving.

Registered owners of vehicles can be charged if their vehicle illegally passes a school bus that is stopped with its red lights flashing.

Failing to stop for a school bus can result in the following fines:

First offence: Fine – $400 to $2,000 and six demerit points
Each subsequent offence: Fine – $1,000 to $4,000 and six demerit points with possible imprisonment up to six months.


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