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On Tuesday, September 11, the second round of the Kemptville Lions Club’s “Catch the Ace” lottery came to a close with its 40th and last draw. Tickets would be drawn until the Ace of Spades was found.

The weekly prize of $500 was won by Richard Seymor when his ticket was the first one drawn. He chose envelope 12, but it had the mere 2 of Diamonds. The hunt for the ace of spades was on.

The very next ticket drawn would win the jackpot for Ray Berube. His ticket also indicated envelope 12. With that envelope opened by the previous ticket, the next envelope still available (envelope 17) was opened and the ace of spades was revealed. Ray had won the $12,120 Jackpot!

The first draw of the third round of “Catch the Ace” will occur on Tuesday, October 2, at the Kemptville Legion Hall (100 Reuben Cres. Kemptville) at 7:30. Tickets for that draw are on sale now.

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