The NG Times Newspaper

The office of MPP Steve Clark has announced that the Kemptville District Hospital will receive additional funding of $334,400 to meet demands for services. This is in addition to the funding of $16,715,040 received for 2020/21.

The Brockville General Hospital will receive new funding of $4,999.200 in addition to the $69,605,226 received for 2020/21.

The Winchester District Memorial Hospital will receive an additional $576,900. This is in addition to the $28,843,115 received for 2020/21.

“This new investment, which is above and beyond the typical increase to base funding, is just one way Ontario is supporting high-quality and timely access to health care both during the pandemic and in the future,” said MPP Clark.

Over the last three years, the Ontario government has made significant investments in Ontario’s hospitals. This includes overall sector increases of 2% in 2019-20, 3% in 2020-2021 and most recently, 3.4% in 2021-22.

Ontario’s Action Plan: Protecting People’s Health and Our Economy, brings total investments to $16.3 billion to protect people’s health.


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