L-R: Karen Dunlop, A/CAO, MNG; Liz Sutherland, ED; Graham Pincott, outgoing Treasurer; John Barclay, MNG Councillor; Kristin Strackerjan, MNG Councillor; MNG Mayor Nancy Peckford; Ed Patchell, incoming Treasurer; Deb Wilson MNG Councillor; Dermid O'Farrell, outgoing Board Chair; Johanne Beaulieu, Secretary; Tim Rennie, Board member; Katherine Parker, outgoing Board member; Annie Hillis, incoming Board Vice-chair.Missing: NG Councillor Dorreen O'Sullivan; Board member Dana Farcasiu; incoming Board members Paul Calder and Ross Lincoln

The Kemptville Campus had its AGM on June 21 and installed two new Board members, Ross Lincoln and Paul Calder.

This was the end of our first year with an arms-length Board and new staff in place. We were truly grateful for the work that the Board did this year, especially outgoing Chair Dermid O’Farrell and Treasurer Graham Pincott, and Katherine Parker, our resident human resources expert. All three have served a two-year term and are stepping down from the Board.

Brian McKee, Chair
Annie Hillis, Vice-chair
Ed Patchell, Treasurer
Johanne Beaulieu, Secretary


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