Lower speed limit in Rural Subdivisions


Further speed reductions are being implemented throughout the Municipality of North Grenville. Rural subdivisions will now be included in the 40km/h gateway speed limit zones in the Municipality.

Gateway Signage is a system that will include a 40 km/h “area begins” sign, and a 40 km/h “area ends” sign, at each entrance (gateway) and exit to the subdivision. Gateway signage provides a consistent posting method, as well as a streamlined cost for signage.

“Council and I are pleased to see further speed reductions in North Grenville to address some longstanding road safety concerns identified by residents,” said Mayor Peckford. “Speed concerns are not exclusive to more urban roads in our community, and prudence is warranted in more residentially intensive areas, no matter where they are.” 

“Many of North Grenville’s rural subdivisions attract young families, seniors, and those with accessibility challenges,” added Councillor John Barclay and Chair of the Police Services Board. “Safety is the primary consideration in making these decisions.”

Gateway signage will be posted for the following 23 rural subdivisions in North Grenville:

      • Aimee Lane
      • Black’s Meadow
      • Brixon
      • Colonel By Keys
      • Connell Farm
      • Dangerfield
      • Flint Hill
      • Forest of South Gower
      • Glen Gables
      • Jayland
      • Kettle Creek
      • Maplestone    
      • Marlin Subdivision
      • Oxford Landing
      • Oxford Heights/Comeau
      • Pelton’s Corners
      • Rideau Crossing
      • Rideau Estates    
      • River Run    
      • Settler’s Grant   
      • Shaker Village/Jean Marc/Tilly 
      • Stonehaven Estates        
      • Tanager Woods
      • The Creek       
      • Victoria Park Village     

“Road Safety continues to be a top priority for Council and rural hamlets will be considered in the next phase following public consultation,” highlighted Mayor Peckford.

Staff have identified 8 rural hamlets for further investigation with the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville for implementation of a reduced speed limit. The major roadways in all rural hamlets are the jurisdiction of the Counties and, as such, a collaborative approach must be taken – like that of the urban area program.

The Municipality has also proposed new transportation policies in response to traffic related concerns raised by residents. These policies include creating a new Road Safety Strategy, Truck Route Policy, and updating the existing Traffic Calming Policy and Speed Limit Policy. Beginning in 2019, the Municipality completed investigations to implement a speed limit reduction program to the urban core of Kemptville.

A new program was introduced – gateway signage. This method was used as a means of reducing cost, increasing consistency, and reducing roadway “clutter” by placing signs at the entrance and exits of the affected areas.

The program was adopted and fully executed in August 2020 where the speed limit in Kemptville’s urban core was reduced from 50 km to 40 km/hr – including Tempo and eQuinelle subdivisions. 


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