Lions Club ‘Matching Funds’ campaign supports Osgoode Care Centre


The Greely and Metcalfe and District Lions Clubs, in partnership, have pledged $5000 to a ‘Matching Funds’ campaign of all other donations in support of the Osgoode Care Centre (OCC). OCC is a 100-bed non-profit, charitable long-term care home, located south of Ottawa. Proceeds from the Lions Matching Funds campaign will go towards the purchase of four nourishment carts, among other equipment required to enhance the lives of OCC residents. The Osgoode Care Centre does not currently have any cases of COVID-19. Their success in fighting off the virus is due in part to OCC’s diligence in adhering to the ever-changing protocols that have been put in place to protect residents and staff – but they come with a hefty price tag. Residents have been moved from total communal living to smaller quarters in the home, and there are no visitors permitted at this time. Also, staff are required to bring all meals and snacks to each resident’s room. This new procedure has raised the need for proper nourishment carts for food delivery during the pandemic and will offer enhanced food delivery capabilities going forward as well.

“Proper nourishment carts are the answer to many of the concerns surrounding the three nourishment passes made daily to our residents,” explains Wendy Hill, OCC Director of Resident and Family Services. “Each pass can take up to two hours and these carts are designed to ensure food and beverages are served safely and at the correct temperature and texture for the enjoyment of our residents, as well as to assist staff in providing this important service efficiently.”

The carts, called Ergogrip’s Snack Carts, are a high-quality Rubbermaid product designed specifically for health care, permitting easy access to resident dietary information. The system provides compartmented and enclosed spaces for food and supplies to be stored without risk of contamination. The cooler cube keeps beverages and perishable foods, even ice cream, cold for over two hours and is made from plexiglass allowing for a visual experience for the residents as well.

“This is a great way to double your donation,” says Jane Schoones, Campaign Coordinator. “My mother lives at OCC and this Mother’s Day I will not be able to give her flowers or a gift of any kind because such things are not permitted as a precaution against Covid-19. So instead, I will make a donation toward the Lions Matching Funds campaign, and that gift will double, then go towards making my Mom more safe and comfortable for the remaining days of this pandemic and beyond.”

Donations can be made two ways: 1) online at, then click “Give Here”, and choose the amount you wish to donate; or 2) mail a cheque to “Osgoode Care Centre”, 7650 Snake Island Road, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A 2P0. For either way of donating, please note “Matching Funds” so your donation will be tagged to be matched by the Lions Clubs and go towards the purchase of the nourishmThe Osgoode Care Centre was built by the generosity of the residents of the Township of Osgoode in order to fulfill a tremendous need in the community and across Eastern Ontario for rural senior care.


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