Letter to the Editor – Reuben Street


Dear Editor,

What comes first, the wellbeing of the citizens of Kemptville or the influx of another 500-1,000 homes when we DO NOT have the infrastructure to accommodate this uncontrolled development that is taking place in Kemptville? For example, the only LOGICAL SOLUTION for the Reuben Street development is to allow single family homes comparable to the existing ones in the Reuben Street neighbourhood.  As a former mayor of Kemptville, my duty to the citizens was that we consider them first. This is not happening in the Reuben Street case.

If I were to become mayor again, I would designate that the property be divided into single homes similar to the present ones, to be priced for affordable housing.  Any developer that gets permission to continue to build without paying any development charges has to be denied the right to build, if applicable.

When I was applying to develop Raina Way, it was required that I ascertain in writing from the public school, the separate school, the high school and the Council that there would be sufficient capacity for a new development. I was very happy to comply because I was trying to protect the interests of the citizens of Kemptville. It was the right thing to do.  I hope that our mayor and council will consider doing the same thing.

Ralph Raina



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