Letter to the Editor – MPP Steve Clark


Dear Editor,

Great editorial by David about how our MPP Steve Clark has abandoned his principles in order to help implement Ford’s “development at any cost” agenda.

But let’s look further afield to see what Clark, our “Minister of Ministerial Zoning Orders”, has been doing in other parts of the province. Since he and Ford gave themselves the power to override any official plan or municipal zoning plan, they have been doing just that to allow over 30 inappropriate developments (on farmland, floodplains, wetlands, the Niagara Escarpment, the Oak Ridges Moraine) around the province, with no chance of comment or appeal by municipalities, citizens, or environmental groups. (See the MZO map online.) Clark even approved a warehouse in a wetland near Toronto. That ended when the proponent responded to public pressure and abandoned the project.

We all know that the Ford government had no vision for education, health, social services, or the environment. They were busily cutting budgets and reducing activities in those sectors until public pressure and the pandemic made them change direction. Given that Ford has no moral compass, the only way to convince him to do the right thing is with intense sustained public pressure.

So keep up the good work, Kemptville prison opponents. But probably the best way to stop the prison is to change the government in the next election. That’s what stopped several illogical Harper/Baird proposals. Maybe we can be rid of Clark in the process.

S. Hamill


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