Kemptville College photos provided to Alumni


by Tom Graham

The collection of historic artifacts and photos that were stored at the Kemptville Campus have been shared between the Kemptville College Alumni Association and the Kemptville Campus. Ongoing discussions between Mayor Nancy Peckford, Deputy Mayor Jim McManaman, and Alumni representatives led to an agreement about which material would stay on the Campus for historical purposes, and which materials would be transferred to the Alumni.

North Grenville Mayor Peckford stated in an email that, “The Municipality of North Grenville has been highly committed to ensuring that we remain on good terms with the Association, and that items from the College that properly belong to the Alumni (or have huge sentimental value) are returned to them.”

The Alumni took possession of historical artifacts earlier this year, and class photos, having significant sentimental value, this past week; while all other photos deemed to be part of the Campus’ history remain at the Campus. The timing has been important, as the Alumni Reunion weekend is August 24.

Part of the lengthy process was having all the photos digitized. This serves two purposes. One, it allows the Campus to keep digital copies of the photos handed over to the Alumni; and, two: it provides a record of all the photos to be preserved in a digital archive for future generations. The Municipality of North Grenville hired the Ottawa-based firm, the Brechin Group Inc., a content conversion company and leader in providing high quality low cost digitization services.

“The Brechin imaging team was hired to go onsite at the Kemptville Campus to digitize large framed historical photographs of student classes, student activities and academic staff, as well as other photos of interest to the alumni,” stated Jacqueline Vincent, Co-Founder and President of Brechin. “A high-resolution camera was used to digitally capture the photographs, which were then processed and saved as archival tiff files. It was a pleasure to provide our services to Kemptville Campus for this important digitization project.”

Audrey Baker, President of the Kemptville College Alumni Association, was genuinely pleased. “Having these artifacts and photos in our possession means a lot to us,” she said. “Now we’ll be able to put them on display at our newly built Kemptville College Alumni History Building at the Lombardy Agricultural Fair Grounds.”

Kemptville Campus is holding an Open House on Saturday, September 28, to celebrate 100 Years of Education on the Campus. Many of the historic photos and artifacts will be on display. “Oh, the Alumni be there,” stated Audrey. “We look forward to being part of the Campus celebrations!”


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