Forest thinning operations are proceeding as planned on Kemptville Campus, scheduled for the first six weeks of the New Year. These operations will affect several popular trails in the Campus Forest. Residents and students are asked to avoid the affected trails and watch for closure signs at the trailheads.

Trail closures:

The attached map shows the two areas and trails affected by the forestry work:

Site A: Trails 1 (Discovery Trail), 2 and 3. Trails will be closed from approximately January 3 until January 28.

Site B work will be done from January 31 to February 15. Trails affected include the Rail Trail, Trails 4, 5 and 5A (5 and 5A are Sugar Bush Trails). Please note the Rail Trail section south of Curtis Ave. to Bedell Rd. will only be closed the first 3 – 5 days only of work in Site B.

To ensure safety for all, residents and visitors are asked to avoid these areas during these times. Signs will be posted in the affected areas.

The harvested logs will be transported off the Campus grounds as follows: Site A traffic flow will be along Pebble Drive onto Curtis Ave., and out to County Rd 44. Site B traffic flow will be out College Drive to County Rd 44.

The thinning affects about 29 of the Campus’s approximately 350 acres of forest. The work in the red pine plantations will concentrate on thinning over-crowded forest areas to maintain forest health and increase growth potential of the remaining trees. All forest management activities will meet the high standards of FSC® certification. Campus Forest Manager, Jim Hendry, is supervising this project, and the harvesting is being done by Lavern Heideman & Sons Ltd, based in Eganville.

Watch for further updates as the project proceeds.


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