Kemptville Business Directory:


This is, in fact, quite a selective list of businesses which were operating in the North Grenville area in the 1860’s. A much fuller list is contained in “Kemptville Past and Present”, which was published in 1903. However, that list listed only Kemptville-based individuals, whereas this one also list those in Burritt’s Rapids, Bishop’s Mills, Oxford Mills and South Gower. Although many of these businesses suffered from disastrous fire which swept Kemptville in 1872, destroying their premises, some of the original buildings listed here still exist today.

For example, Rickey Waugh’s store in Oxford Mills is today the site of the Brigadoon Restaurant. Dr. C. F. Ferguson worked out of his home on the corner of Rideau and Clothier Streets, and that house, though stripped of its orchard and gardens, still stands.

Francis Jones, listed as the M.P.P., built a fine store and residence on the corner of Clothier East and Sanders Streets in 1847. That building now houses the Kemptville Suites and Aphroditi Spa.


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