Kelvin’s top tips for a regenerative society


by Kelvin Hodges

Building takes work. Here are some tips to build a regenerative society.

First, stop all pesticide and herbicide use. This will greatly reduce the level of poison in your ecosystem.

Buy organic. I will always remind folks, the best way to build a better society is to vote with your dollars every day. Every organic meal you buy, every bottle of poison you don’t buy, is a vote that actually and truly changes the world.

Use electric appliances. We fix the CO2 problem by cutting its creation and by storing its excess. We are particularly lucky in Ontario to be able to cut CO2 simply by switching to electric appliances. Like cars, now trucks, chainsaws (not everyone can do this yet), lawn mowers, etc.

Empower your family by producing your own solar electricity. This is a tremendous step in improving your family’s finances, as well as saving the world. I urge the governments, local, regional, national: improve the code, implement support systems, pass regenerative bylaws. There is no better action for adding jobs, rebuilding an improved world.

Ask your councillor, MPP, MP to improve food security and safety. Ask for better codes to make installing solar easier. Ask why our own highly paid with our taxpayer dollars scientists are being ignored. Ask that all dubious (can you say “road side spraying”?) uses of poison be stopped to protect our children. A stitch in time saves nine.

Call your insurance company about putting solar on your roof.

Call your bank about a home improvement loan for solar.

Remember, it’s a journey. Stop and smell the non-toxic roses. By continuing to put one foot in front of the other, we will triumph and a better world will appear.

P.S. And think of the money you will save. Since adopting EV transportation, my kms driven has increased slightly (new car effect) but my cost has fallen. I now pay on average $44/mo for charging the electric car. I used to pay $150 for the same kms in the Prius. I’m saving $106 a month. That’s over $1,200 a year. I’m good with that.


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