One in four Canadians is now caring for elderly loved one or is a parent of a child with special needs. Many of these people juggle work and caregiving duties.

Every day, due to our aging population, more and more Canadians are thrust into the stressful role of caregiving. But many feel unprepared to be a care provider. Recent statistics show that 80% of caregivers give some type of care seven days a week and 41% of them use their personal savings to cope. Now with the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada Cares would like to recognize our caregivers across the country.

Canada Cares is thrilled to announce we will be accepting nominations for the 2020 Canada Cares Caregiver Awards. These awards will commemorate and recognize caregivers across the country. One family caregiver (could be family/friends/relatives) and one professional caregiver of the five regions (Western, Central-2 awards, Atlantic and Northern Canada) will receive a Canada Cares Caregiver Award. One winner, from each category, will be chosen to receive the National Canada Cares Caregiver of the year award.

Additionally, one nominee will be selected to win the Canada Cares One Wish Award worth $10,000 dollars, sponsored by David Powell. This award will be determined based upon three factors: the evaluated strength of the caregiver’s commitment to care, the creativity of the response to how the $10,000 will be used, and the level of need.

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Nominations can be submitted through our website at

Caregivers are everywhere and Canada Cares wants to give them the recognition they deserve.

Nominations will be accepted until September 25, 2020.


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