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House of Lazarus (HOL) is looking for a partner with retail space to help the mission expand its reach.

Currently, HOL’s main headquarters, including its food bank, two stores, and warehouse, is situated in Mountain, at the very top west portion of North Dundas, right next door to North Grenville. Food bank clients, thrift store shoppers, and donors come from far and wide, making HOL a household name throughout a good portion of Eastern Ontario. The mission is funded primarily through revenue from store sales, with donations and grants helping to fill in the gaps.

“If you have store front space sitting idle and you’re interested in partnering with us, we can pay a reasonable rent or provide a charitable tax receipt in lieu of rent,” HOL executive director Cathy Ashby said.

With every passing year, the number of people served grows, and the number of programs offered increases in an attempt to meet the needs of residents in the surrounding communities. Last year, HOL helped roughly 3,000 people through its many outreach programs, while also serving close to 700 people through its food bank. This year’s numbers look to topple those statistics.

“We have programs that are in dire need of funding,” Ashby said. “Operation Backpack provides a weekend’s supply of food to local school children in need throughout the school year. This program is continually expanding to accommodate the growing number of children in need of the service. Places for People is an affordable housing project that’s ready to break ground, and we need the finances to move it forward in a timely manner, as we know there are many people in need of clean, safe, affordable places to live.”

To keep up with the growing need, HOL is looking to expand its social enterprise with a satellite site. In addition to bringing in added revenue, this new venture would allow HOL to use the abundant inventory currently sitting in the warehouse. A satellite site will also make thrift-store shopping more accessible for some. Right now, the majority of people who frequent the mission must come by car and, for some, it can be a lengthy drive.

For more information or to speak with Cathy Ashby directly, phone 613-989-3830 or email [email protected].


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