Groundbreaking report highlights watershed trends and concerns


by the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

The RVCA has released a detailed conditions report assessing trends in the watershed’s surface and ground water quality, aquatic ecosystem health, hydrological function, natural hazard risks and the loss of critical green infrastructure such as wetlands, forests and natural shorelines.

The 193‑page Watershed Conditions Report compiles recent and historical monitoring data to confirm several concerning trends, including a steep decline in large woodland patches, increasing chloride levels in our urban streams, and large shifts in surface water flow patterns linked to increased development and loss of wetlands. The report also identifies knowledge gaps for natural hazard risks such as flooding, erosion and landslide risks, and gaps in robust groundwater quality monitoring in rural communities. Understanding current conditions will inform the creation of a new watershed management strategy to address issues in the Rideau Valley, which will be developed and presented for public consultation later in 2024. Read the full conditions report online at 



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