Ferguson Forest Centre Corporation President Carl Doucette is pleased to announce the initiation of the arboretum tree identification plaque program. 

“Ever since the establishment of the Ferguson Forest Centre Corporation (FFCC), the intent has been to have an arboretum that provides educational, activity, and contemplative opportunities for the residents of North Grenville and the immediate area. The community has appeared to embrace the many activities now seasonally available in the 10 hectare arboretum including, among other things, disc golf, groomed cross country ski trails, toboggan hill, walking trails, park land, benches, picnic tables, and strategically located and selected trees and shrubs.”

He went on to say that now the FFCC has unveiled an opportunity for residents and local businesses to support the FFCC and the arboretum by donating towards the purchase and locating of tree and shrub identification plaques.

The arboretum, among other roles, is intended to serve as a place where trees, shrubs, and herb like plants, are cultivated and kept for the enjoyment of the general population, as well as for educational and scientific study. The tree identification program is designed to enhance FFCC’s forest related educational role and provide an opportunity for public donations to purchase approximately thirty (30) 6×6 inch, 1/8 inch thick aluminum composite ground mounted plaques, having a black background and white print, with the print reflecting the strategically located trees and shrubs name in Latin (genus and species), English, French, and Algonquin as available, the FFCC logo, a few lines of relevant plant information and the donors name.

Carl Cannon, FFCC Board Director and the chair of the committee responsible for the arboretum, said: “Individual plaques are available for a donation of $50, and each plaque will include the name of the individual or corporate donor. Donations of $500 or more will also include the placement of the donor’s name, and or corporate logo, on the arboretum’s gateway sign. Further information about the plaque program and how to donate is available by means accessing the FFCC web page at www.fergusonforestcentre.ca ”.

President Doucette concluded by saying: “The community is encouraged and welcomed to participate in assisting the FFCC in providing more services to the residents of the Municipality of North Grenville and area by donating to the Ferguson Forest Centre arboretum tree identification plaque program.”

The mission of the not-for-profit Ferguson Forest Centre Corporation is to provide policy and direction to the Ferguson Tree Nursey, and use the profits thereof to promote the awareness of, and interest in, forestry (in particular, afforestation and sustainable forest management) and maintain, enhance, and promote the responsible use and stewardship of recreational and conservation lands managed by the Corporation for the benefit of the residents of the Municipality of North Grenville and area.


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