The students, from left to right, are David Thomson, Kurt Green, Mark Terry, Cameron Nupius, Matt Williams, Instructor Darrin MacDonald, Nolan Webber, Eamonn O’rouke, Kyle Manion, Remi Tellier, Nick Asbreuk, Vanessa Di Nardo and Alex Barker-Mazet (absent Phil Pilon).

by Carl Doucette

The Ferguson Forest Dog Park has a beautiful new memorial site, thanks to the efforts of students from the Masonry Program of Algonquin College (Perth Campus). The focal point of the site is a 15-foot-long stone wall called “Athena’s Wall”. This memorial wall is dedicated to a beautiful two-year-old Great Dane named Athena, who spent her last day with her family on 17 September 2017 at the Dog Park’s opening. Sadly, that night she passed away from bloat. She is missed by her family, but her memory lives on at Athena’s Wall.

In addition to Athena’s Wall, there is a second memorial wall and two benches, all created from a Scottish drystone blend. The memorial walls will afford the opportunity for patrons to place a plaque to remember beloved pets. This is in keeping with the memorial benches and trees, which are featured in the park. A special dedication ceremony will take place on Sunday, 16 September, in conjunction with the Park’s first anniversary celebration.


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