Counties Council adopts new asset management plan

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Counties Council has adopted a new asset management plan. The plan was prepared by Dillon Consulting and Watson Economists, and complies with the new Ontario Regulation 588/17, and replaces the Counties’ 2014 Asset Management Plan.

With the assistance of a $50,000 grant through the Municipal Asset Management Program delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Counties staff and consultants have worked over the past year updating all of the Counties’ asset conditions, determining performance and levels of service (current and future), and evaluating risks, including climate change. A life-cycle approach was taken for all assets.

Though Regulation 588/17 only requires all assets to be included in a municipal asset management plan by July 1, 2023, the Counties took this opportunity to include all assets in this new plan. All assets include roads and bridges, social housing, fleet, buildings and facilities, and other equipment, such as IT and communications equipment. The plan includes several growth-related assets – County Road 43, new Paramedic Station and Maple View Lodge redevelopment.

A ten-year financial strategy accompanies the plan, addressing the plan’s impact on taxation, debt, and reserves.

Council and staff recognize the document is a living document that shall guide Council and staff in decision-making relating to assets and infrastructure, and it will require updating on a continual basis as conditions and circumstances change. As stated by Mayor Ron Holman “asset management plans are essential. Based on present day information, the asset management plan is our best effort to project tomorrow’s costs which can/will change as circumstances change and we move into the future”.

For further information, contact Counties Chief Administrative Officer Andy Brown at 613-342-3840, ext. 2301.

Counties Council on Thursday, November 22. All regular meetings begin at 9 a.m. in the Council Chambers at 25 Central Avenue, Brockville. For more information, contact County Clerk Lesley Todd at 613-342-3840, ext. 2454.


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