Convert marginal land or abandoned farm fields into thriving forests — for a couple dimes a tree


by Merrickville-Wolford Environmental Advisory Committee

If you have marginal land or abandoned farm fields, now is the time to take advantage of significant subsidies to convert the land to forests.

“Many landowners are choosing to make their land more productive and enjoyable by planting trees,” says Scott Danford, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) Forestry Program Manager. “There are significant subsidies available to help landowners plan, prepare and plant their forests. Planting two acres will cost landowners less than $300.”

Typical costs for the RVCA’s full-service tree-planting program are $0.15/tree ($120/acre). The RVCA and its planting partners covers all additional costs. Landowners interested in having one acre or more (0.4 hectares) planted in trees should meet with RVCA staff to start planning now.

“We have been planting trees since 1983 and have planted more than 6 million trees,” says Scott. “We are committed to helping landowners meet their reforestation needs, while increasing tree cover throughout the Rideau watershed.”

Woodlands can be established in old fields by promoting natural succession, but few landowners have the time or patience for this option. The quicker option is to plant trees through the Conservation Authority’s program. The RVCA’s tree planting program can help move things on a little faster. Professional staff will meet with landowners to discuss their interests and needs. RVCA staff will also inspect the site’s conditions to help create a unique, individualized planting plan. The types of trees being planted will reflect the needs of the landowner and the site conditions — the goal being to plant the right tree in the right place to get the best chance of survival and growth.

Now is the time to book your free site visit by contacting Scott Danford, RVCA Forestry Program Manager at 613-692-3571 or 1-800-387-5304, ext. 1175


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