Community gives back to make a bad situation better


A proud David Goode, who is a member of People First North Grenville, is employed part-time at KrisAlis Inc. He gives a thumbs up for a grateful gesture he received from his colleagues Rob and staff. His original tractor broke down a few weeks ago and was declared a casualty by the good folks at First Stop who had maintained his treasure in the past gratis, Rob was at a job for Ormond and Linda Johnston when he observed their old lawn mower tractor beside a new one, and inquired about purchasing it. When he explained why he was interested, they donated it for the new project. Rob and staff decided to make a gift of this special present to their co-worker when he showed up for work. Not only did it have his favourite NASCAR driver’s number on it, but his name and a special seat that his grandfather had made for him.

What a wonderful day for David, and more so for our caring community of North Grenville.

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