David Gordon: Full Interview

Dave recounts what he learned in the previous 4 years as mayor, and what he hopes to do to continue the work he began...

Bill Forbes: Full Interview

Bill Forbes explained how his experience, and expertise will play into his bid for the mayor's seat.

Jim Bertram: Full Interview

Jim explains his motivations for running, and who he is representing in this election.

2014 Election Debates

The North Grenville Times hosted an All Candidates Debate. The 10 Candidates field questions, debate, and discuss different issues facing North Grenville. Share this with...
John Barclayvideo

John Barclay: Full interview

John Barclay talks about why he switched from running for council, to running for mayor.
Frank Onasanyavideo

Frank Onasanya: Full Interview

Frank Onasanya sits with the North Grenville Times to tell us what his vision for a better North Grenville is.
Deron Johnstonvideo

Deron Johnston: Full Interview

We asked Deron what he learned going door to door in North Grenville, and what he sees as the main issues for this Election

Woody Armour: Full Interview

Woody explains in detail why he is running for council, and what ideas he brings to the table

Rhonda Finnerty: Full Interview

Rhonda talks about her influences to run for council, and her roots in the community

Barb Tobin: Full Interview

We sit down with Barb Tobin to discuss why she is running again, what she loves about the Job, and what she hopes to...